Since 1902
gentlemen members along with their families and friends have enjoyed music, literature, lectures, art and theatrical productions at The Family Club’s two historic venues in the San Francisco Bay Area.
The Family name
was chosen to emphasize the respect members have for one another as brothers, each on the same footing without regard to status or position, a place where one is never a stranger.
The Family is
a social club drawing on the remarkable talents of its members, many of whom are musicians, artists, writers,and skilled in stagecraft to create over 50 original productions a year.
Members join
The Family for the shared experience of entertainment, beautiful settings, food, drink and camaraderie in a unique institution whose motto is Keep Young.
Living up to our name,
we take great joy in producing co-ed events and
events for children too!
At the City Home
in Downtown San Francisco, members enjoy a rich and friendly social network.
The Family Farm
is a redwood preserve in the mid-Peninsula that offers the tranquility of a private retreat and open-air entertainment venues.
Members support
philanthropic efforts in our community through an independent charitable foundation that helps individuals in need.
Members founded
and support a hospital in rural Guatemala to serve the critical needs of the native population.
The Final Word
Friendship and camaraderie propel us through life and nowhere are they more evident than in The Family.